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YatesEFI is owned and operated by Randy Yates

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Where did the love of automobiles begin?? Well, I'm not sure where it came from, but I have had it as long as I can remember. Most of my knowledge is self taught, with my earliest component identification stemming back from when I was 6 years old, building model cars. Around 8 I started reading any car magazine I could find (HotRod, Super Chevy, etc) front to back over and over. In the years that followed I spent hours reading every description of every part in the Summit and Jegs catalogs until I fully understood their purpose. You could say I was an odd kid to say the least. I bought my first car with babysitting money when I was 14 and had done work to it and sold it for a 300% profit within 8 months. I owned 4 cars before I received my license at 16. Now at age 32 I have owned over 140-some cars. I seem to have a sickness.

Like anyone interested in cars, I was always adding this, changing that, or modifying existing parts in some ways. Engine swaps started early on with the usual small block Chevy stuff. This was followed by my first fuel injection swap around ten years ago. One of my stronger automotive points had always been the wiring, so the introduction of fuel injection came pretty naturally. From there the ability to make great power, enjoy reliability AND even gas mileage kept me interested. I eventually made my way to the LS or gen III series of engines and I was hooked. This clean slate design of engines has a tremendous amount of technology and years of engineering behind it. From the power output to the strong lower end, they are just a killer platform.

I started doing work for other people around 12 years ago off and on, and have continued to do more and more until I decided it was time for this to be my only "job" in late 2008. Most of my work currently revolves around custom LS-based engine swaps, wiring jobs from small additions to complete custom car wiring from scratch. The LS swap jobs can run from basic, daily driver, stock appearing swaps all the way to wild custom turbo LS powered 8-second street cars.

I am currently at a large changing point as we've moved into a bigger shop, picked up some vendors, done some pretty cool vehicles for customers, added a small parts sales side and in general had fun while turning out a product we feel confident in. 2014 is just around the corner and we cant wait to see what it will bring.

Until then, keep on hot rodding!

Randy Yates

I would like to thank the following people who have either had an impact on my life large enough to help lead me into this profession, or for their help and generosity that has made this all possible:

Tom Terronez, Robert Pearce, Dennis Johnson, John & Ralph Conner, Jason Crawford, and Bob Cramer.

Also, thanks to a bunch of guys that help keep everything going on the day to day:

Russ Maidlow, Jim Horton, Nate Leming, CJ Durbin, and Tyler Sandau.

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