Your DIY LSX swap headquarters


Randy driving customers 1996 Corvette Collectors Edition with our custom T6 88mm turbo setup on a forged 402 iron block gen III engine. CNC ported GM head castings, mild turbo cam and 10lbs of boost in this pass. Complete engine and trans swap, 12-bolt rearend w/ 4-link and custom turbo setup with stainless steel manifolds all done in house at Yates EFI. Car is owned by Kevin Vallero.

Good friend Roger Davis' 1958 Magnacharged 5.3 volvo pv445 on the dyno, we only supplied the harness, his aptitude for making silly amounts of power is his own.

Scott's 73 Nova SS at the track. Early passes at low boost on street tires - looking forward to more!

Completed 1972 Chevelle SS